Men's ThermoLite Dive Fullsuit 3/2 DV18


Traditional back zipper entry; an excellent entry level, flatlock fullsuit for milder conditions.

$109.95 $109.95

Entry Systems

Back Zipper

Traditional back zipper for extra easy on/off.

Adjustable Velcro Wrap Collar

Protects the back zipper and allows for a better, more comfortable fit.


Texture Skin

Texture embossed rubber that provides excellent wind resistance; ideal for outer chest panels hoods, and other areas that would otherwise lose warmth quickly.


Flatlock Seams

Durable, comfortable 7 thread seam construction lies flat and smooth against your skin.

SmoothSkin Wrist Seals

''Rolled'' SmoothSkin hems keep wrists in place and water out.

SmoothSkin Ankle Seals

''Rolled'' SmoothSkin ankle seals provide a better fit and help keep water out.


DuraFlex Knee Panels

Comfortable, durable knee panels that stretch with you.

Color: BLACK