WOMEN'S ThermoFlex Dive Fullsuit 3mm DV14


Premium back zipper fullsuit with UltraStretch upper and lower sleeves and our heat-retaining ThermoBamboo lining from neck to knees.

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$115.98 $289.95

Entry Systems

Back Zipper

Traditional back zipper for extra easy on/off.

Adjustable Velcro Wrap Collar

Protects the back zipper and allows for a better, more comfortable fit.

Ankle Zippers With Lightweight Inner Flaps

Easy on/off ankle zipper system includes lightweight inner flaps to add comfort, cushioning the zipper from your skin.


UltraStretch Neoprene

Comfortable, lightweight neoprene with softer foam and a tighter weave textile for less water absorption, better durability, and maximum stretch.


Glued & Blindstitched Seams

A fully sealed, maximum stretch seam construction. Neoprene panels are glued and pressed together, then blindstitched (needle doesn't fully penetrate neoprene, keeping more water out).

GlideSkin Wrist Seals

''Rolled'' GlideSkin hems keep wrists in place and water out.


DuraFlex Knee Panels

Comfortable, durable knee panels that stretch with you.